This 5 day basic dog grooming course offers students the chance to learn some of the fundamental aspects in our training centre, alongside our qualified professional dog groomers. It is designed as a practical and hands on course,  giving students the opportunity to participate in the day to day running of our busy grooming salon environment.

This course is targeted at those who are keen to learn more about grooming a few different breeds and coat types, or would like to learn how to groom their own dogs with confidence. We do not recommend this course for those wishing to set up their own business. One of our 25 day courses would be a better fit for this. No previous qualifications or experience are necessary to complete this course. 

The first day will start with a health and safety induction, along with a tour of our facilities. During each day of the course you will have the opportunity to groom various breeds of dog. All equipment and overalls will be provided each day. You may also bring your own equipment. 

This course can be undertaken with a flexible approach. This can range from one day a week to completing all five days within a week long period. 

The course will cover a variety of key dog grooming principles including:-

– The correct handling of dogs

– How to recognise health problems

– Brushing, de-matting and bathing

– Basic clipping and trimming

– Nail clipping

We suggest Christies Direct when deciding what equipment you would like to purchase. You can order this equipment us and receive a 10% discount. For further advice on clipper companies, either Heiniger – Clippers or Andis – Clippers are recommended.


Further Information

Course Length:

5 days

Course Available:


Course Time:

09:30am – 4:30pm

Course Fee:


There is an option to purchase equipment packs.