Would you like to learn how to groom your own dog? Do you want a better understanding of how to maintain your dog’s coat? Could you benefit from learning how to use your dog’s grooming equipment properly?

Our 1 Day Pet Grooming course is designed for owners who would like to learn how to groom their own dog under the expert tuition of our tutors. The course is also suitable as a longer taster day for those who are considering a career in dog grooming. No previous qualifications or experience are necessary to complete this course.

The day will start with a health and safety induction, along with a tour of the facilities. During the day the owner will have the opportunity to groom their own dog from start to finish.

The course consists of: 

Bathing and Drying

Brushing Out

Feet and Nails

Clipping and Styling

Guidance notes 

Equipment is provided for use on the day.


Dog Grooming: Why is it necessary? 

When grooming your dogs, they receive more than just a haircut from us. The groom helps prevent their coats from matting, which keeps them in good condition. It aids the health checking process, whilst reducing unpleasant odours and skin complaints. By bringing your dogs to us regularly, they can build a good relationship with us and enjoy the process. They leave us with a well-maintained coat, in a style that suits you. 

For more information on the importance of dog grooming please see the following links:

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Further Information

Course Length:

1 day

Course Available:


Course Time:

10:30am – 4:00pm

Course Fee:


Equipment packs available to purchase.

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