About Us – A Message from the Directors

The Dog Grooming Training Academy was dreamt up nine years ago by myself and Elaine (the company directors). In April 2013, a dream became a reality and the academy was born.

Over the years we are proud to have expanded the business and helped many students achieve their goal of having a career in the dog grooming industry. Moving forward we are hoping to offer even more courses to give you a wider understanding of the dogs you look after.

Watch this space!

Thank you for all of your support so far.

The Directors


Staff Introductions

Mollie – Manager

Mollie gained her grooming qualification eleven years ago. Throughout this time she has gained considerable experience running busy salons and decided she wanted to explore teaching it instead. 

She has now been with us nearly two years and thoroughly enjoys helping our students to achieve their dream careers.  

Mollie is a dog mum to Darcy (left) and Dudley (right). Darcy loves being groomed by our students. 

Likes: Netball, Going to the gym, Food!

Dislikes: Snakes

Vicky – Grooming Instructor

Vicky has been qualified for five years and has been working with us for four of them. She splits her time between teaching our students and professionally dog grooming, ensuring she stays up to date with all practices. 

Vicky loves watching our students confidence increase as they progress on their courses. 

Vicky is mum to Marvin the horse, Otis the dog and Badger the rabbit. As you can imagine they keep her pretty busy outside work!

Likes: Horse Riding 

Dislikes: Rain (especially when horse riding) and Snow.


If you are interested in completing one of our courses, please use this link to discover what we offer.


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